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Sound Design

-Metamorphoses, Ohio University

This piece was composed to underscore the god of Hunger anytime she was onstage or her power was acting on a character. The sound was inspired by the description of Hunger never being satisfied.  Therefore, the piece was a set of looped inhale sounds with no exhale, creating the sound of constant consuming.

Eros & Psyche
-Metamorphoses, Ohio University

This piece was composed to underscore Psyche's journey to see her husband secretly for the first time.  It was structured as a call and response between a male sigh of breath, as though sleeping, and a female voice singing fragments of a melody which we do not hear in its entirety until the lovers are reunited.

Main Theme
-Mr Marmalade, Ohio University

This theme was written based on the director's interest in a happy, groovy music inspired by 1970's sitcom themes and sunshine pop.  The theme was played to open the show and re-worked as character entrance stings.


It also was set in a Japanese style to underscore the title character committing hara-kiri.


It was finally "played" on a child's toy piano to express a childlike innocence and hope for the future.

She's Not Much to Look At
-Composition for Dance
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